Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Concept of the Painted Palette Art Gallery

Patricia Reed, owner/teacher, Painted Palette Fine Art Studio and Art Gallery

When I decided to open an art gallery it seemed like a complimentary addition to the painting classes I teach. It has been my wish that It would bring people into the gallery where they would be inspired by the art work and perhaps want to learn to paint as well. I have been teaching oil painting for more than a decade and opening a gallery was a business decision. Art is to be enjoyed. I wanted to have a venue for the artistic community to introduce their art work to the public. A place that both artists and community would want to come to celebrate art.

The gallery was never intended to be a gallery for anyone who could hold a paint brush. Prospective exhibitors must apply to exhibit their art in the gallery. All work is reviewed and the artist will be notified of the decision. If accepted the artist or artists would be given a guide of gallery expectations, as well as information on the preparation for an exhibition. It is a serious business decision to offer gallery space that professional creative people could exhibit and hopefully sell their art. It is intended to be a creative gathering place that inspires artists and community in the visual arts.

I am an artist, and I know very well how much it costs to produce an art piece, but I also know we need a place other than the occasional yearly competition to show one or two pieces of our work. Artists need to keep their work on exhibit so that the public can see it, and hopefully buy it.

Now that I have briefly explained what my concept is for the Painted Palette Art Gallery, I have not wavered from my initial plan that the gallery will be a place for emerging and professional artists to exhibit their art. I have made changes along the way and continue to do so as the need arrises.

The Painted Palette Art Gallery invites and welcomes artists whether they want to exhibit one piece of art or considering a solo or group exhibition. The requirements are to submit a portfolio for review. All work must be framed and ready for hanging. There will be a 30% commission on all sold works. The gallery guide has more information for those considering a solo or group show and is available at the gallery. That’s it, nothing more.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Congratulations Jan Maloney!

Congratulations to  Jan Maloney for a very successful exhibition at the Painted Palette Art Gallery.  

Meet the Artist:

Jan Maloney will be at the Painted Palette Art Gallery,  Sunday, May 18, 2014, from 12:00 to 6:00 P.M.  We invite you to come by the gallery and meet Jan and see her work.

Painted Palette Fine Art Studio and Art Gallery

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